A Little About PAL


What we do

Parents of Addicted Loved ones is a parent support group providing hope, guidance, and addiction education to those who are affected by addiction.

Why we do it

To have a child lost to alcohol or drug addiction is to suffer a thousand deaths. But while you may feel stranded by fear and confusion, you are not alone.

What we learn

At PAL, we help each other see and accept the truth about ourselves and our loved ones. The more we understand what addiction does to a person the better. 

An epidemic

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction (excluding tobacco). You are not alone in this. There are people out there walking the same path. They are the ones, the only ones, who really understand because they are like you.

users die from overdose every day


started using before 18


Find Your Meeting


We have PAL meetings all over the country. If you or someone you know need to find their community, go to https://palgroup.org/find-a-meeting.


Our meetings usually go like this: introduction & welcome, educational topic, check in, and closing. Each meeting lasts an hour and a half and is facilitated by someone trained by PAL.

Get In Touch

Questions contact:

Tina Garera (859) 760-0954

Lisa Moro    (513) 374-6321